We are disrupting the market with a game-changing brand of raw, authentic experience. Primal is our true nature. We are passionate about living for the moment, where everything is happening. We find passion in adventure, exploration, and harnessing our inner child and channel that ambition in our work.

Our Family

We are family-owned and operated in Buffalo, New York. Western New York is the capital of the most popular e-liquid brands in the country. It is also known for some of the best food in the country. The connection is flavor, and there is something about our home that inspires passion for it.

Our Flavors

Our flavors are an extension of ourselves and are crafted to be an outstanding experience; to open us up to appreciate the moment. Each flavor is finely balanced to bring out the best of each ingredient. Bitter, sweet, and savory counteract each other to achieve an even more harmonious taste. This is the dynamic that makes a flavor an amazing experience.